Leveraging The
Power Of Your Data
Data Analytics & Data Collection

V M Micro is a digital consulting and product innovation firm that offers strategy, design, and technology services to the most ambitious businesses and brands. Leveraging our design-driven approach to build cutting-edge digital solutions, we deliver compelling experiences to our clients and their customers.


Leading companies are taking big, transformative steps, redefining their purpose, embarking on end-to-end digital transformations, pursuing aggressive growth strategies and learning how to achieve disruptive innovation.

VM partner network has the breadth and depth in providing strategic advice and help to accomplish outcome that is beneficial and sustainable. Our team of strategy consultants bring a wealth of

Experience and broad analytical prowess to clients. Developing insights to implementation of strategy, VM will be ready to work with you to develop strategies that would have positive impact on

Your stakeholders and employees to realize the growth potential.

Design Thinking

VM applies Design thinking as a structured methodology to develop and deliver products, services and experiences by addressing latent needs of your customers.

By adopting design thinking principles, VM can develop cost effective working prototypes and test them in real time aligning with your business needs.

VM approaches complex problems that are difficult to decipher and by that can help your organization to transform to become more innovative, which is going to have a positive

Impact on your top line and bottom line.

VM as design thinking practitioners deploys methodology and utilize tools effectively to solve complex problems, perform activities of prototyping and testing.



With the pace of change accelerating across all industries, businesses and brands are facing new and significant threats. Simultaneously, technological change creates an environment with new business opportunities, which our teams focus on as we engage across full-spectrum digital transformation.