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▸ Analytics Platform

Will analytics play an important role in your future? You are no longer constrained by expensive data warehousing.

Modernize your analytics with cloud, flexible architectures, and the latest technologies, Streamline business insights from data while reducing costs.

▸ Data Quality

How many times has someone asked. “where did that number come from?!” Uncertainly around data can make business management a major challenge.

Data quality manifests reporting, metric formulation, business definitions, and reconciliation of data. We can help you to reinforce quality across data governance, master data management, and technology components.

▸ Machine Learning

Haven’t you always known that your data has deep insights buried within it? Yet, predictive power is elusive and may seem like a magical impossibility.

Machine learning and data science can unlock that predictive power. Achieve cost-effective automation and process improvement through our Machine Learning SDLC.

▸ Support & Maintenance

IT team’s bandwidth is constrained. We often hear this. You’re not alone. Many organizations are challenged to allocate time & skills to support a data solution. We can shoulder the burden.

We offer support and maintenance services. Specifically, for Data & Analytics solutions. This includes SLAs, partial support, as well as architecture and consulting services, We’ll bring the right talent, customized to your unique requirements.

▸ Business Intelligence &

We all know that a visuals are worth a pages of texts. So why to flip through pages of numbers? Business Intelligence will bring out the right information to accelerate decision making.

Well-designed solutions enable users to explore “beyond the Summary”. V M Micro Solutions will connect business process with tools, creating a powerful information-rich experience.

Data Collection &


Looking for high quality data? If you are developing Machine learning models. VM has experience and staff ready to help. Whether you are looking to train digital assistant or an OCR system, VM is your trusted partner for data sourcing.

VM collects, annotates and variety of data including speech, text, image and video. Being a service provider. VM directly provides Data sourced through crowd.

Working with VM provides access to a networks of experienced staff and project managers capable of collecting data for a range of use cases. We have built capability and tools necessary to source and manage contributors.

VM team has spent several years in building text annotation capabilities. Through combination of specialized technologies trained contributors. We fulfill the requirements for even the most complex annotation projects. Weather you need text classification dataset or a comprehensive evaluation. We can meet your highest expectations around quality, speed and price. Get in touch with us to learn how can we play a role in building your machine learning model.

Our dedicated workers can collect, process and cleanse data. They can label, analyze or categorize your existing data for different purpose.

Our contributors can analyze text sentiment, classify them according to client’s categorization system and prepare the text for training a machine learning model.

▸ Data Strategy – Develop a framework to extract latent value of data and roadmap to accomplish management goals

▸ Data Governance – Operating model for data handling and analytics, designed according to the needs of the organization

What Are Data & Analytics Challenges
In Front Of Your Organization

You talk about digitization, but hear “we don’t have the data.” Every time when ask for new data, it takes too long and costs too much. You invest money in reporting, and no one is using it. You spend more time getting to information than understanding what can be learnt.

Any of this sound familiar?

But building the right architecture for the future can be daunting for many reasons:

▸ A continuous wave of cloud technologies
▸ The competition with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
▸  A rise of digital and the need to shape your customer’s journey

The volume and variety of data is only continuing to grow. Protecting your investment in data and analytics demands a holistic, modular architecture.

And The Outcome

We can help you in achieving Business Anywhere – where user interactions are smart and seamless, processes are fully automated and parperless.