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Across every industry and geography, our Data and Analytics Transformation expertise has helped companies achieve end-to-end analytics control.

We Transform


Digital Innovation

We explore digital whitespace opportunities to create new value for your business or brand.

User Experience & Interface (UX/UI) Design

We combine information architecture, interaction design, and visual design to deliver compelling UX/UI solutions.

Customer Experience

We take the time to understand your business from the customer’s perspective and find opportunities to advance your business goals.

Rapid Prototyping

We create interactive prototypes throughout the process to validate concepts and the user experience of the proposed solution.

Collaborative Process

We bring together business, technology, and creative stakeholders to ensure our insights meets the business objectives.


“We help you extract maximum value from all your data assets, no matter their location or format. Our analytics experts collaborate with you to tackle your most daunting challenges, so you not only get results quickly but build the internal skills to extend your new data prowess.

Data Analytics & Transformation

Across every industry & geography, our Data & Analytics Transformation expertise has helped companies achieve end-to-end analytics control.

Our multidisciplinary approach is built on data based strategy  test-and-learn methodology, augmented by the specialized skills of partners. We’re advanced analytics, based not only on our work with client’s but also on our many landmark research studies.


Automation. Machine learning. Data mining. Design thinking. These are no longer things that companies do, they are how companies do what they do. Our digital delivery platform propels innovation and accelerates transformation by ensuring that the right digital capabilities are at the heart of everything you do.

The era of the standalone digital project is over. Today, digital powers virtually every move a company makes. Analytics informs every high-stakes decision. And emerging technologies confer a huge advantage to the companies quick enough to spot them first. V M brings all this together, infusing every project we work on with an integrated set of digital capabilities tailored to your strategy.

V M has experts in data science, smart automation, prototyping, digital marketing and related disciplines, enabling us to take a digital-first approach to every engagement. Our expertise is complemented by an expanding ecosystem of partners inventing tomorrow’s technologies today.

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