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Across every industry and geography, our Data and Analytics Transformation expertise has helped companies achieve end-to-end analytics control. 

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Digital Services
No matter where you are on your journey, V M Micro Solutions provides digital consulting services to help you assess business strategy, plan your future course and implement solutions for real results.

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Data Analytics
Will analytics play an important role in your future? You are no longer constrained by expensive data warehousing. Modernize your analytics with cloud, flexible architectures, and the latest technologies.

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Data Collection & Governance
Looking for high-quality data? If you are developing Machine learning models. VM has experience and staff ready to help. Whether you are looking to train a digital assistant or an OCR system, VM is your trusted partner for data sourcing.

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We are a young innovation firm that serves a world-class and diverse client base. We help our clients identify, plan and capitalize on digital opportunity wherever it
is found. With a vast experience delivering success and a team of practitioners,
We are well positioned to on this mandate.

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We can help you in achieving Business Anywhere – where user interactions
are smart and seamless, processes are fully automated and paperless


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We can help you in achieving Business Anywhere – where user interactions
are smart and seamless processes are fully automated and paperiess